Member Update for Friday, September 30, 2022

While members take today to discuss and reflect on Truth and Reconciliation we wanted to also take the time to advise you what School District No.33 (Chilliwack) is planning in the spirit of this process.

There will be two of the same on-line sessions held this fall, October 5th starting at 2:30pm and October 12th starting at 3:15pm.  The basis for these sessions is two-fold, in part the calls to action items 62 (i) and 63 (i-iv) as well as themes that were identified in last year’s Equity Scan. There will be two of the same follow-ups in the spring, tied to these fall sessions, and the focus will be on Trauma Informed Practices.

Mr. Kevin Lamoureux will provide a video presentation, followed by the leaders within our Indigenous Education Department speaking to the nine BIG themes, the session will also include a look at language, local dynamics and an exercise on individual reflection.

Are these sessions mandatory for CUPE members, “No”, these sessions are considered part of the Chilliwack Teacher’s Association contractual requirement that speaks to staff meetings. However, in the spirit of creating an inclusive environment CUPE members have been extended the opportunity to take part in these sessions not on their own time, but on work time (using LIF).  If you are unable to participate we suggest you advise your supervisor that for personal reasons you cannot attend and leave it at that.  The Union recognizes that many members have second jobs, family, or other obligations outside of their regular working day with SD33 that does not allow for deviation from their regular schedules and we want to make sure that is respected.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding these sessions please reach out to an elected Union Representative for assistance.

In Solidarity