Provincial Bargaining Update

On Wednesday, September 22, 2022 our K-12 President’s Council approved to recommend the tentative Provincial Framework Agreement that was presented to them by the CUPE K-12 Bargaining committee.

K-12 Provincial Bargaining – Bulletin – September 23, 2022

The CUPE 411 Bargaining Committee will commence local bargaining with our Employer on October 11, 2022 and we will continue to update members on how negotiations progress.

There has also been a commitment to increase Learning Improvement Funds for the 2023/2024 from 20 million to 25 million and this will carry forward to the 2024/2025 school year.  While the Employer is still required to have genuine consultation with the Union on how these monies will be allocated within each District.  There is a caveat now that requires sign-off by the Union on the allocation of those funds in order for the District to gain access to them.