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Election Update

On Saturday May 13th, 2017 our local met to hold elections for several CUPE Local 411 Executive Board positions. During the vote for Assistants Shop Steward (EA, SA, CYCW, Chef Assistant, etc) there was an error made by the elections officer. The error was made using the number of members in the room eligible to vote versus the actual number of ballots cast. This was made on the second vote between Sisters Liz Payne and Theresa Alexander. The elections officer made the decision that a majority of votes was not reached when in actuality there was a majority of votes cast in favour of Theresa.

I was contacted by a scrutinizer a few hours after the meeting had been adjourned and questioned as to why there was a third vote. As a result of that email I looked at applicable language in our local bylaws as well as the language in the CUPE National Constitution which we are bound to follow. When I realized the error I contacted the election officer to get the results of the second vote which indicated that it should not have gone to a third vote. After that I contacted our CUPE National Representative and also our CUPE BC Legislative Coordinator to consult with as to the challenge of the vote.

After they had discussed the situation the ruling came down that yes, Theresa should have been awarded the position after the second vote.

Yesterday May 25th, I met with all the parties (Liz, Theresa Kevin, and the 2 scrutinizers) to advise them of the outcome.

I can now confirm that Theresa has been elected as Assistants Shop Steward for a two year term.

I want to thank both candidates for letting their name stand and especially Liz for all the work she has done for members over many years of service.

In solidarity,

Rod Isaac

President, CUPE 411

AGM & Executive Elections

On Saturday May 13th, 2017 we had our AGM and CUPE 411 Executive Elections.

Election Results

  • 1st Vice-President:  Shana Kirkland
  • 2nd Vice-President:  Laura-Lee Fried
  • Treasurer:  Don Dahl
  • Recording/Correspondence Secretary:  Glenda Johnson
  • Chief Shop Steward:  Brenda Moores
  • Assistants Shop Steward: Theresa Alexander
  • Clerical Shop Steward:  Carla Tizzard
  • Custodial Shop Steward:  Jeremy Bonney
  • Maintenance Shop Steward:  Dave Griffiths
  • Transportation Shop Steward:  Rob Holloway
  • Sgt-At-Arms:  Karen Klein
  • Trustee (3 Year):  Ruth Neufeldt

8472 Harvard Place | Chilliwack, BC

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