Member Update…

The Union has received some inquiries regarding the declaration of Monday, September 19, 2022, being a Statutory Holiday and how that might affect their pay that day, as the District is not claiming this to be a Non-Instruction Day or an Emergency Closure Day.

Therefore, the language that will apply to our members is that which is set out in Article 11 titled GENERAL HOLIDAYS, employee pay for that day will follow the language in 11.2 Regular and School Term Employees.

If members do have questions as to whether or not they will be compensated and what that will look like, we suggest you contact the payroll department for specifics.  If you have concerns about not being compensated for that day, then we ask you contact a Shop Steward for further explanation.

We have extended the date for members to express an interest to sit on our Local’s Budget Committee:

Expression of Interest – Budget Committee

The Advisory Committee for Inclusion is a School District Joint Committee and we are also looking for CUPE representatives to be a voice at this table, please see details:

Expression of Interest – Advisory Committee for Inclusive Education

Lastly, we have a number of Joint Health and Safety Committees that may be experiencing a turnover in their CUPE representatives.  If so, please reach out to the Union so we can ensure that our process is being followed when it comes to replacing our members on these committees.  The Union has the first right to ensure the CUPE representatives at that table have been elected as per our process.  The District or their Representatives are NOT to be appointing our members to these committees until such time as the Union has exhausted our election efforts.  We have contract language that speaks to these site committees and the composition of CUPE representatives at the table.