A Good Friday Message for April 10, 2020

Dear Members,

First, we would just like to start by saying we hope each and everyone of our members is able to enjoy this four-day weekend and we anticipate everyone will continue practicing social distancing, as virtual Easter celebrations should be the order of the day.  These past few weeks have no doubt weighed heavy on everyone and we hope that you can find some peace and solace amidst this time of crisis and if you are very lucky maybe even a little laughter.

Your Union has been working tirelessly these past four weeks and we hope that we are providing you with much needed information in an accurate and timely fashion.  Our goal, as always is to act and respond in the best interest of the membership and if for any reason you feel that we are falling short on your behalf we encourage you to reach out and share your concerns.

Many Leaders know that a crisis such as what we are in with this COVID-19 pandemic can allow them room or opportunity to impose transformative change.  As Union leaders and activists, we need to be ever mindful of this and continue to question the actions and decisions of our Employers.

In this time of high crisis your Union is more than willing to not only collaborate but cooperate with our Employer, however, what we are not prepared to do is abdicate all the language in our C.A. for it, or put members at risk.

What your Union expects is that all steps being taken now that affect our members are deemed necessary, are acted upon fairly, justly and without bias, and that all decisions are transparent.

In the face of this pandemic your Union realizes that extreme measures may be necessary and with that may come the need for extraordinary powers, as a result this will require extraordinary scrutiny.  You can trust that we are doing our best to ensure the later is upheld and that your worker rights in all areas are not lost, forgotten or shoved aside for any personal or political agenda.

Stay strong, stay resilient, and always stay safe….

In Solidarity

CUPE 411 Executive