COVID-19 Update for March 30, 2020

Good Evening Members,

By now a number of you should have received a phone call from your PVP/Manager to discuss a number of questions pertaining to COVID-19 and your ability to work, either on site or from home.  If you have not received a call yet, please be patient and hopefully by tomorrow everyone will have been contacted.  It is critically important that you DO NOT arrive at a work site without first having received this call, this is not only for your health and safety but for that of your co-workers.

As some of you may have already heard the BC Provincial Government has mandated school districts to provide emergency child care to our front-line workers such as; doctor’s, nurse’s (RN’s and LPN’s), paramedics, and the like.  Many of these are unionized workers and in this time of crisis we understand the importance in providing support to them as they are risking so much.  There are many details, such as a comprehensive safety plan, that must be worked out prior to this being implemented.  What this all means for our members we do not know yet, but after the broadcast on Global National yesterday regarding children and COVID-19, it is imperative that we do not rush into any scenerio that could jeopardize the health and safety of any of our members.

We have received some very good information from the P.E.B.T. that we wanted to share with our members regarding this COVID-19 pandemic that speaks directly to K-12 Support Staff, and some FAQ’s.

For those members that continue to work, or have returned to work, please continue to follow the BC CDC protocols on prevention when it comes to COVID-19, as these are key in minimizing the risk of exposure and transmission.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we climb this mountain in front of us one slow step at a time; always with your best interest at heart….

Sincerely and In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive