COVID-19 SD#33 Protocols for March 30 & 31

Good Evening Members,

The Union has received numerous calls over the last two days regarding requests from Administrators and Managers to have some of their 10-month staff come into work tomorrow.  These requests were not to have come in the form of a text message, or via another CUPE staff member.  Any requests from your immediate supervisor to commence work tomorrow needed to come directly from them in the form of a phone call, where a standard set of questions (see your email) were asked to which you could provide accurate answers and also address any health and safety concerns.  If this did not happen we strongly suggest you contact your immediate supervisor tonight asking, “Why not?”.

The Union has just received some very basic protocols that they expect to see in place tomorrow and Tuesday.  We want to be absolutely clear, the Union DID NOT have any input into the creation of these protocols, they were merely provided to us and because our members have indicated that they have not received any health and safety information from the Employer to date we have chosen to share this with you.  It will not be our practice to publish the Employers information but because we have so many anxious members out there we wanted to provide some sort of information that directly relates to your health and safety in these precarious times.

The Union can appreciate your angst about returning to your respective workplace as many of you have been heeding the advice of the medical professionals in our country and “Staying Home”.  Being asked to return to work is in direct conflict to the messaging that all of us are getting and we just want to say “Thank you” for doing the right thing up until now; for yourselves, your families, and your community.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive