Mentor/Mentee Opportunity….

The EA Hours committee, that supports EA’s for both Special Needs and Alternate Education, identified another initiative, in the form of mentorship that we felt may be of value to some of our members and as such we are looking to launch a trial mentor/mentee program from January to June of 2023.

In our discussion we discovered that Student Services was also interested in assisting in this project for their Child & Youth Care Workers and the Indigenous Education Department would also like to support their Ab.Ed.- EA’s by way of mentorship opportunities.

We didn’t want to leave out our Clerical members from this so the Clerical Hours Committee will also be looking for interested members to take part in providing guidance and leadership to our new office staff.

We have created application forms:

Completed applications must be emailed to no later thanĀ (date extended to November 30, 2022), in order to be considered for this program and participants will be compensated for any pre-scheduled training and pre-planned meeting times.

If you feel you would be a good fit for either role, we would love to offer you this opportunity to share your knowledge and skills or learn from our seasoned veterans.