CUPE 411 – New C.A. Language – Update No.8

There was new language added and existing language changed in Article 14 – Leave of Absence.

For members that are attending an out-of-town memorial service Article 14.4 Mourners Leave now allows you to take an additional 1/2 day (unpaid) for travel.

For members looking to take a General Leave, we encourage you to review all the changes/additions in item 14.10 (a), (b), and (c) as there was some significant amendments to this language.  One of the additions provides members with the option to apply for up to two (2) unpaid Discretionary Days per calendar year without having to disclose details of why they are making the request; unless it is due to an emergency.

All of the above leaves still require approval, come at a cost to the member and there may be criteria that must be met in order to be eligible so please review the details of the language to be clear on the expectations.

Lastly, Article 14.11 Domestic or Sexual Violence is brand new language that is reflective of the BC Employment Standards Act, and any other applicable legislation.  We would encourage members to reach out to an Elected Union Representative first for advice on how to go about making application for this type of leave to ensure that your right to privacy is being respected.

In Solidarity