Member Update for September 20, 2020

Good Evening Members,

A “Thank you” to all the members that were able to join us yesterday for our General Membership meeting via Zoom, we are definitely getting better at these on-line meetings and we hope that more of you are able to join in at the November meeting.  We are currently working on having on-line access to the meeting minutes for those members that are unable to attend, more information to follow once we have this all set up.

We also want to remind members to please check your personal emails for detailed updates from the Union Executive.  We promise not to inundate you with email correspondence but you can expect to see one or two emails monthly as this is the best way to get lots of information out to the membership all at one time.  In the meantime please take some time to review the latest K-12 Bulletins:

Two years ago the Union Executive really started to focus on member engagement, part of that included site visits, however, often times our Custodial members were not able to join us, so this year we may look at popping by in the evenings during dinner break for a quick visit just to see how things are going and address any questions or concerns that our custodial members might have.  If this is something we are able to do, we will be sure to share out a schedule once we have the details worked out.

Earlier this year the Executive also decided that promoting CUPE 411 and acknowledging members for the work that they do should also be a priority.  As such the local purchased lanyards for each and every member and we will continue to deliver these out to sites for our members as well as include them in our CUPE 411 Welcome Packages for our Casual members.  The Local has also purchased golf umbrella’s, 3 for each site, for members to use that find themselves outside supervising students in the wet weather.  We will start getting these out to sites in the next week or two and have no doubt they will be put to good use soon enough.

Your Union also feels it important to acknowledge members who have suffered the loss of a loved one, or who are off due to a serious illness/injury.  We are asking for your help in sharing the name(s) of a member that has had a spouse, parent, or child pass away, or is recovering from a surgery or significant illness as we would love to be able to send them a plant along with a note on behalf of the Local.  Please feel free to send us an email at or call the office at 604-392-1411 with any details you might have.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive