Spring Break 2020 – Letter of Understanding

10-month members will again have the opportunity to make-up the extended Spring Break short-fall as a result of the CTA agreeing to a two (2) week Spring Break for 2020.

Your Union Executive did work hard to negotiate coverage for the full five days of lost work, however, the Employer was only agreeable to a maximum of twenty-five (25) and twenty-four (24) hours based on members current positions.

Please review the following documents:

CUPE 411 – 2020 Spring Break LOU with Signing Page

CUPE 411 – 2020 Spring Break Frequently Asked Questions

CUPE 411 – 2020 Spring Break Minutes – Flow Chart

CUPE 411 – Declining 2020 Spring Break Hours, Signature Page

NOTE:  Please be aware that the minutes per day could potentially change (i.e. 2 minutes maximum), due to further calendar changes as a result of the CTA negotiation process.  However, this will not change the number of lost work days that CUPE members will be compensated for.