Member Engagement

Coming to a site near you…..

With the start of another school year, this brings with it new staff and at times new challenges.  Your elected Union representatives are committed to engaging with members face-to-face in order to ensure accurate information and messaging is being presented and to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Please see the following schedule to know when and where your Union President, 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents, and Chief Shop Steward will be hosting a meeting at your work site.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Post & Fill Process – Employee Status / Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Job Descriptions – Roles & Responsibilities
  • Leave of Absences – Short & Long-term / Personal
  • Health & Safety – JOHS Committees / Reporting
  • Education & Training – Pro-D / Collab

We welcome your input in advance and therefor if you have any burning questions or pressing issues that you would like an immediate answer for please do not hesitate to submit an email to

CUPE 411 – Table Officers

Member Engagement – Site Visits 09-19-18




Your CUPE 411 Executive would like to extend a HUGE “Thank you” to those twelve month employees that worked tirelessly this past July and August to ensure all of our sites were ready to go for staff and students on September 4th. Your commitment, dedication along with your professional standards are a reflection of CUPE 411 and it pleases us to say that you have represented not only yourselves but your Union incredibly well.

With the first week already under our belts, we hope that our ten month members have had an opportunity to get settled into their sites, some of which may be new, as well as into their respective assignments and are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year ahead!

With our District being one of the fastest growing in the province, coupled with an extensive overhaul to the delivery of instruction in the form of grade reconfiguration, we anticipate there may be some growing pains felt by members in all of our Divisions; we would ask that you take on your duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude and should you encounter problems along the way please ask for help. We are all in this together and supporting one-another is the best possible approach to a happy and healthy work environment.

We have an enthusiastic group of Shop Stewards that are eager to take on the challenge of representing members from all our Divisions, along with an experienced group of Table Officers committed to face-to-face member engagement coupled with effective and accurate communication.

There is an open-door policy at our Union office and we welcome feedback from all our members, both good and bad, as it is important for us to know what we are doing right and where there is room for improvement.

Please be sure to visit our website at for contact information, meeting dates/times, and any other relevant details pertaining to our Union.

We would like to say “Thank You” in advance for the work you do and best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year ahead!

CUPE 411 Executive


Printable: CUPE Quarterly 09-09-18


Member Update……

To those members who have decided to sit on their sites JOHS committees this is just a friendly reminder of the training opportunities, both mandatory for new JOHS committee members as well as the annual Health & Safety training; that the District will be hosting for 2018-2019.

This year the District will be offering more than one opportunity for the annual training allowing members to pick an option that will best fit their work and/or personal commitments, see below for details:

Please be sure to view the Districts “CONNECT 33”  weekly memo for further details on the respective training sessions (content & location) and the registration process.

If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Union’s Health & Safety representative for assistance at

Attachment: JOHS Committee Training Opportunities 2018-2019