CUPE 411 – Support Staff Pro-D Event

The Union is pleased to announce that CUPE now has a Professional Development Day that is open to ALL CUPE members that would like to attend, and not just for those members from our Assistants division.  We want to encourage our Clerical to NOT spend the day in their offices playing catch-up, and for our Custodians to lay down their brooms and our Tradespeople to drop their tools and for our Bus Drivers to not simply take a day off without pay.

This is not designed to be a training day, but a day to explore new ideas and opportunities that can help to expand our knowledge or understanding on a variety of subjects or activities.

Registration opens today, Friday, April 5, 2024 via the SD33 eBase system, and we would encourage members to participate as this day was designed for support staff.

CUPE 411