ARTICLE 17.8 – Immunization/Communicable Diseases

The above noted article reads as follows:

Where an employee has classroom contacts with persons who are known to have persistent hepatitis B antigenemia and who show aggressive behaviour and where the employee shows negative to surface antigen tests, the Employer will cover the costs of hepatitis B virus vaccination.

The Employer will also provide or fund an annual flu vaccination program subject to availability from Public Health.

As such the Employer has made arrangements at the Fraser Valley Travel Clinic for members who meet the above criteria to have access to the Hepatitis B vaccination.  Details have been shared out on CONNECT 33 and the registration form can be accessed below:

Hepatitis B Registration Notice v2

The completed forms must be returned to the clinic Doctor in order to register for the vaccination schedule.

Members who are unsure if they meet the language requirements are welcome to inquire with the Union via email at or can reach out directly to an Elected Representative.