A Message to Our Members….

The air quality in the Chilliwack area for the past two days has been in the Very High-Risk category as per the BC Government’s Air Quality Health Index.

The advice based on this rating for the Eastern Fraser Valley was follows:

Observed AQHI – 10+ Very High Risk

If you are in an “At risk population” then you should not have been participating in any strenuous outdoor activities yesterday or today. If you were directed to do so and have now suffered negative repercussions to your health then you should contact a shop steward for advice on next steps.

Depending on the forecast moving forward we would advise members to continue to monitor the government websites and should you find yourself being directed to participate in strenuous outdoor activities then we would ask you to please reach out to a Shop Steward for assistance on how to deal with that direction.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive