Standing in Solidarity with BCGEU

As other public sector Unions start engaging in job action it is important we show our solidarity in their commitment to the negotiation process, more so when the fight is to secure a reasonable wage increase as well as language that addresses inflation and the negative impact it is having on all public sector workers.

For more information on job action both in BC and across the country please visit the following affiliates websites:

The CUPE K-12 Provincial Bargaining committee is scheduled to get back to the table with BCPSEA in mid-September and while our Local table has yet to meet with our Employer we do have dates set for October and November.

Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns that you might have via email at or directly to one of our Local’s Committee members:

  • Assistants Division: Wendi Omeasoo,
  • Clerical Division: Jenn Wellwood,
  • Custodial Division: Jeff Kasper,
  • Maintenance Division: Dale Obirek,
  • Transportation Division: Tracey O’Hara,

In Solidarity…..