A Message to our Members….

While there is still a heavy rainfall warning in effect for the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas we want to encourage members to stay on top of the latest alerts by way of the various websites for our region:

Some of these governing agencies offer downloadable apps for emergency notifications, while other provide up to date alerts and contact information for area residents; to use and access at your discretion.

Members can continue to monitor the Union website and private FaceBook group as we will do our best to provide updates that are time sensitive and should the need arise we may also send out notifications via your personal email.

Members that have questions or concerns about road closures and evacuation notices that may impact their ability to report to work are encouraged to reach out to an Elected Union Representative for advice and it is important the members stay connected with their Manager or Principal/Vice Principal if they cannot report to work.

Your safety and well being is our primary concern and we are committed to providing guidance and support through yet another crisis….

In Solidarity