A Message to our Members……

As Union Leaders we strive to act in the best interest of all of our members and given the current climate surrounding vaccine mandates it is important that we be clear that we are neither for nor against vaccines; our position has been and will remain that it is an individual’s choice.

Members should never feel embarrassed, ashamed, or intimidated to ask a wide variety of questions, we encourage members to consult with educated professionals and critically assess the information provided to them.

    • What are the benefits/risks of being vaccinated, or not, both short and long-term, to me based on my own health history?
    • Who is responsible if any adverse reaction or negative long-term effects of a mandated vaccine?
    • What are you giving away by supporting any type of vaccine mandate?
    • How do my religious, moral, or ethical beliefs factor into my health care decisions?
    • Is getting vaccinated in order to keep my job really a choice?
    • If we allow government/employers to impose directives on our personal healthcare will this embolden them in the future when the next crisis arises?

As science would suggest there are pro’s and con’s to all vaccines and it is not for the Union to debate the merits of them nor is it for us to dictate what members should do.  However, the Union is firm in our position that a member’s choice on vaccination should not impact their ability to maintain employment and earn a living.

We believe in freedom of speech and thought, and that integrity of person is something we should value.  Perhaps we need to give pause and remember that treating each other with respect rather than vilifying those who make different health care decisions is not only misguided but is setting a dangerously divisive position and precedent.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive