CUPE 411 – New C.A. Language – Update No.4

The E.A. Hours Fund was also created as a result of the new Service Improvement Fund language.  The committee was able to establish a number of uses for these funds for the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Provide every permanent Education Assistant with an additional four (4) hours of time that they can use in the following ways:
  • Attend Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, and if unable to do so take the time to review the meeting minutes and address any questions/concerns with the appropriate staff.
  • Participate in Staff Safety Plan discussions for either the creation or revision of such plans, also time to review existing plans as needed.
  • Attend site based Team meetings.

2. Support school food programs and/or after-school clubs:

  • An additional thirty (30) minutes per day is available to members who are needed for a new program or to enhance an existing one.

3. Supporting students on school buses:

  • If the need arises where a student requires additional E.A. support while being transported on either a morning and/or afternoon school bus, arrangement will be made with the appropriate district staff to accommodate the student for a set period of time.

4. Provide casual coverage for permanent members to attend various meetings.

  • For those sites that have site based meetings during a members regular shift, arrangements can be made to have a casual replacement on site so that members are able to participate in these meetings.

This fund was NOT created to cover the costs of any training that is a requirement by the District:

  • First Aid
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (a.k.a. C.P.I.)
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • New Joint Committee Health & Safety

If members are being directed to use their four (4) hours of designated time for any District required training, or are being directed to use their time in such a way that does not align with the four (4) points above we ask that you please contact the Union office immediately so that we can resolve any confusion.

In Solidarity