COVID-19 Update for August 29, 2020

Did you know the Chilliwack School District has their 2020/2021 re-start plan, to include their health & safety protocols, posted on the home page of their website?

Did you know that SD#33 is offering a hybrid learning program to all Elementary and Middle school students?

Did you know that every School District in B.C. has been provided additional funding (August 27th segement) to support remote learning opportunities for students?

The Union encourages members to review all the relevant plans and protocols in order to have a clear understanding of the expectations in the workplace effective immediately.  The K-12 landscape is ever changing at present however if you have questions or concerns about what is currently being proposed we would encourage you to reach out to an elected Union Representative for guidance and support.

The Union will continue to provide regular updates whether they be from local, provincial (K-12 Bulletin – FAQ’s No.5), or national sources.  With so much credible information being shared by various industry professionals we feel members have a right to make their decisions based on ALL the information being presented and not just what one or two special interest groups may be serving up.

FYI:  Members are reminded to check their personal email’s for important updates from the Union.