Spring Break 2021 – Letter of Understanding

Your Union was able to reach an agreement with our Employer regarding the 2-week 2020-2021 Spring Break for all of our 10-month Members.  For details please see the link below:
Spring Break LOU 2020-2021

There are often questions that members have pertaining to these agreements therefore we have provided some FAQ’s that we hope you will find helpful.

Spring Break 2020-2021 – FAQ’s

The following diagram may also be a helpful guide:

2020 – 2021 Diagram CUPE Employee – Spring Break Minutes

Your Union is aware in the discrepancy in time being made up between the members who work less than 7 hours a day and those that do.  We had asked our Employer if that time (approx. 1.5 hrs) could be given to those staff who work less than 7 hours per day, to be used sometime during the school year when needed, unfortunately our request was denied.