COVID-19 – Member Update for April 3, 2020

Good Morning Members,

There is much talk among our members regarding what exactly your Union is doing to support them during this difficult time and therefore we thought we should share with you just a few of the questions that we have been asking the Employer for some time now up until yesterday and including today…..

CUPE 411 – Questions for the Employer (SD#33)

Your Union is by not means attempting to put up barriers to this District’s planning as we know many of our members are eager to support the children and families living here in Chilliwack; not only is this admirable, but it is the right thing to do in a time of crisis.  However, it does not mean we throw caution to the wind and rush into a scenerio that could potentially put you or someone else at risk.

As your Executive it is our number one priority to ensure the health and safety of ALL our members, and we will not stop advocating for each and every one of you in this regard; now and always!

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive