CUPE Quarterly – December 2018


There has been a common theme amongst many members and it is that this year’s school start-up has been the most demanding both physically and mentally.  From our clerical division that has experienced decreases in hours while technological demands increase, to all of those members in the Assistants and Transportation divisions who have been deeply impacted with change as a result of the grade reconfiguration.  We applaud your ability to keep a positive attitude while in the throes of such chaos and confusion and hope that everyone has been able to weather the storm unscathed.

We would like to extend a HUGE “Thank you” to all the members that were able to join us at our first ever Site Visits.  From September 20 – November 30 we managed to visit every site in the District and were even invited back to meet with members that couldn’t connect the first time around.  Please be sure to attend our January 2019 General Meeting for a full report.

For this quarter we would like to acknowledge the following members for their years of service as a member of CUPE 411:


35 Years
Dane Gehman        
25 Years
Kellie Finley Karen Gee Linda McKay Carla Tizzard Marilyn Ward
15 Years
Lynnette Adams Elvira Adrovic Ruby Anderton Susan Darby Dolores Graham
Ruth Grier Cynthia Moore Duane Schroeder Lorne Scott Cindy Snukuts
Korilea Soltys Heidi Vance Laura Wiens    
5 Years
Theresa Alexander Vanessa Becker Tammy Bernard Tamilee Bye Kerry Cameron
Alejandro Castro Kim Challman Christine Cooley Heather Corrigan Melanie Duffy
Susan Gemmell Tami Hellinger Jocelyn Holden Dave McCrae Loretta McLaren
Tara Perkins Deana Portier Dawn Rideout Mandy Ruth Medina Skinner
Susan Sommerville Shari Stobbs Joanne Stolz Duong Trieu Carina Trout

Please be sure to visit our website at for contact information, meeting dates/times, and any other relevant details pertaining to our Union.

We would like to wish all our CUPE Brothers & Sisters a well-deserved winter break; with time spent enjoying family, friends and loved ones ……..”Happy Holidays”

CUPE 411 Executive