Standardized Office Hours


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The district intends to standardize office hours at all schools. Sr. Executive have proposed that all school offices will be open from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

We have questions and concerns about how school offices will be staffed during those hours as the current standard clerical shift is 8:00am to 3:30pm (7 hrs paid). Office hours should allow for prep time and shut down (ie: office hours of 8:15am to 3:15pm).

The SD #33 Human Resources department has assured us that clerical shifts will not be extended or split (ie: increasing unpaid meal breaks from 30 minutes to 45, 60, or 90 minutes). However, they have also stated that they do not intend to increase hours (ie: increase clerical shifts to 8 hrs paid).

So how are these hours of operation going to be covered?  There is a potential that school principals may elect to change clerical shifts in order to cover the standardized hours (ie: Clerical Shift #1 – 7:15am to 2:45pm… Clerical Shift #2 – 8:00am to 3:30pm…  Clerical Shift #3 – 8:45am to 4:15pm, etc).  While this is their managerial right, it is important to remember a few things.

Notice of Shift rules:

Article 9.9 of our Collective Agreement states that five (5) days notice shall be given before a change in regular shift

Overtime rules:

If a 7 hour shift begins or ends at an office hour bookend (ie: begins at 7:30am or ends at 4:00pm), the need for overtime is an almost certainty.  If clerical staff open the office at 7:30 it is likely that they have done some prep-work prior to opening the office (ie: starting their computer, checking phone messages, etc). ANY work that is required prior to 7:30am, if the 7 hour shift begins a 7:30am, is OVERTIME and must be paid as such.

The same would apply for the end of the day. If the 7 hour shift ends at 4:00pm and there is ANY work required after 4:00pm in order to shut down the office (ie: shut down computer, assist the public past 4:00pm, remain on a call that doesn’t end by 4:00pm), overtime rates apply.  Overtime is calculated to the quarter hour. For example: If your 7 hour shift ends at 4:00pm and your are still assisting a parent/principal/etc at 4:07pm, you would claim 15 minutes of overtime.  If you are still assisting someone at 4:16pm, you would claim 30 minutes of overtime. You may choose to bank your overtime to take as future CT Time or you may choose to be paid out overtime. Overtime is accrued at one and one-half times the regular rate up to 12 hours per week (based on a 30 hour work week). All OT exceeding 12 hours in one week is accrued at double the regular rate. All OT that accrues after the 12th hour of a single shift is also calculated at double the regular rate.

Overtime must be pre-authorized by your supervisor. If your principal informs you that they are changing your shift and you anticipate overtime may be required as a result, please inform them of the potential need for overtime and request approval.
Overtime worked in excess of two hours per day entitles you to a meal cost reimbursement. Submit an Expense Claim with receipt attached to SD #33 for payment.

Breaks are required by law:

You are required to take two paid 15 minute breaks and one unpaid 30 minute break for each shift over 5 hours. Your principal can not request or allow you to skip your breaks in order to ensure the office is covered.  Also, those minutes must be consecutive, meaning that if your supervisor interrupts you with a work question or task 10 minutes into your 30 minute break, your break starts back at zero when it resumes and you take your full 30 minutes uninterrupted even though you already had a 10 minute break.

Please inform the union immediately if:

  • Your unpaid meal break is extended past 30 minutes or you are not permitted your full break allotment
  • Your supervisor denies you overtime
  • You do not receive five working days notice of a shift change
  • Your shift changes and this poses a hardship for you
  • You have any questions or concerns about standardized office hours