Spring Break Minutes

Update September 2017

The district continues to refuse 10-month CUPE 411 members the right to work additional time in order to make-up for four (4) paid days lost due to a nine (9) day Spring Break  in 2018.

The union has filed a formal grievance and has presented our Stage 1 argument. The employer has five (5) working days to respond before the union elevates the grievance to Step 2.

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We want to hear from you!  How does the loss of four (4) days pay due to a nine (9) day Spring Break impact you and your family?  (submissions are anonymous)

Submit your Spring Break Impact Statement HERE !

Here is a sample of one Impact Statement we have received:

I am a single mother and my family completely depends upon my income. As costs continue to increase for everything from gas to groceries, it is getting more and more difficult to stretch my paycheque to cover the bills.

I am supposed to be a 10-month employee but with all the breaks and lay-offs I am actually only a 9-month employee. Now to take another 4 days pay away, puts my family in a real financial hardship. Can YOU afford to have a whole week without pay? I can’t!

My children are students in the school district and I am going to have to send them to the breakfast and lunch clubs because I can no longer afford to put food on the table with all these cuts. I do not understand why the district would do anything to jeopardize its own students in this way. All I want to do is work and earn a decent living. Why should the teachers’ and principals’ paid Spring Break be paid for by CUPE employees?

I am getting very tired of hearing the district talk about employee respect and appreciation and health and wellness when they treat us like we are nothing more than dollar signs on a spreadsheet. We are real living and breathing human beings, not just numbers. We deserve respect and to work the full 10-months that we were hired to work.

I’d really like to see the district try to operate without CUPE support staff! We deserve respect and we deserve to work Spring Break minutes like we have every other year.