September 4, 2023 is LABOUR DAY

For members who don’t know why we celebrate Labour Day, visit the link below for a little history lesson……Labour Day in Canada

While many people chose to spend time with family and friends others may be looking to take part in community celebrations.

The Fraser Valley Labour Council is hosting an event on September 4th that is free and open to anyone, a similar event is also taking place in Metro Vancouver if you happen to be in the lower mainland.

Whatever you decide to do or who you decide to do it with we hope you enjoy a fun and safe Labour Day weekend…..

Union Solidarity – UPDATE…………..

CUPE Local 561’s Fraser Valley Transit Workers have finally ratified a mediated Settlement ending the 124 day strike.

Fighting for fair wages and benefits are what Union activism is all about and we want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to those that walked the picket lines, worked behind the scenes in organizing job action, and to the members of the bargaining team that fought tirelessly to get the best possible deal for their members.

Local 561 – Transit Strike Update

There is a possible end in site for the striking Transit workers, see the latest information below:

First Transit accepts Ready report recommendations; Fraser Valley transit strike end in sight

There was great community turn out to this past weekends Solidarity BBQ Event, where there was plenty of great food to be had and even some fun for the kids!


Thank you to our very own Lorie McLaren for making an appearance on behalf of CUPE 411!

Striking Transit Workers of Local 561

Our Friends from First Transit have been walking the picket line for months now and hard to say if there is an end in sight any time soon.  We know if the shoe was on the other foot, we would want our other Locals to step up and help support the fight for fair wages, decent benefits, and safe/healthy working conditions.  Therefore our Local is pleased to announce a $1,000 donation to the Local to help support those striking members.

While this event has passed we do want to encourage our members that if time permits any support you can give those striking workers while out on the line would be so very much appreciate.  Details of upcoming events can be found at:

First Transit – CUPE 561

If we hear of any events happening in Chilliwack we would love for our members or members of the public to come out and show their support so we can get those drivers back behind the wheel, and the passengers back on board.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive

GRANT’S LAW SIT-IN (Follow-up)

CUPE 411 is proud to support legislation that addresses workers safety and this most recent event is a prime example of marginalized workers being placed in precarious positions that can have a detrimental effect to their own well being.

Our very own Cody Beyer attended the event and presented the coordinator’s with a modest donation of $250 in support of the evenings sit-in that was meant to bring awareness to the ongoing issues that late night retail clerks are faced with.  As sponsors of the event it was great to see the BC Federation of Labour’s very own Sussanne Skidmore, President and Hermender Sing Kailley, Secretary-Treasurer, in attendance!

Seeing advocacy in action is a beautiful thing as those attending the event were able to engage with the public, young and old, in an effort to bring awareness to some of the challenges workers are faced with.

Thank you to everyone for making events like these possible as we continue to fight for working conditions directly associated with Occupational Health and Safety.

In Solidarity….


Member’s wanting to show their support for those workers asking for better safety protocols as a result of having to work in late night retail outlets are welcome to participate, either in whole or in part, in the following event….


If you are not familiar with where “Grant’s Law” originated, take a few moments to read the following:

BC Labour Heritage Centre

In Solidarity