Striking Transit Workers of Local 561

Our Friends from First Transit have been walking the picket line for months now and hard to say if there is an end in sight any time soon.  We know if the shoe was on the other foot, we would want our other Locals to step up and help support the fight for fair wages, decent benefits, and safe/healthy working conditions.  Therefore our Local is pleased to announce a $1,000 donation to the Local to help support those striking members.

While this event has passed we do want to encourage our members that if time permits any support you can give those striking workers while out on the line would be so very much appreciate.  Details of upcoming events can be found at:

First Transit – CUPE 561

If we hear of any events happening in Chilliwack we would love for our members or members of the public to come out and show their support so we can get those drivers back behind the wheel, and the passengers back on board.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive

GRANT’S LAW SIT-IN (Follow-up)

CUPE 411 is proud to support legislation that addresses workers safety and this most recent event is a prime example of marginalized workers being placed in precarious positions that can have a detrimental effect to their own well being.

Our very own Cody Beyer attended the event and presented the coordinator’s with a modest donation of $250 in support of the evenings sit-in that was meant to bring awareness to the ongoing issues that late night retail clerks are faced with.  As sponsors of the event it was great to see the BC Federation of Labour’s very own Sussanne Skidmore, President and Hermender Sing Kailley, Secretary-Treasurer, in attendance!

Seeing advocacy in action is a beautiful thing as those attending the event were able to engage with the public, young and old, in an effort to bring awareness to some of the challenges workers are faced with.

Thank you to everyone for making events like these possible as we continue to fight for working conditions directly associated with Occupational Health and Safety.

In Solidarity….


Member’s wanting to show their support for those workers asking for better safety protocols as a result of having to work in late night retail outlets are welcome to participate, either in whole or in part, in the following event….


If you are not familiar with where “Grant’s Law” originated, take a few moments to read the following:

BC Labour Heritage Centre

In Solidarity

CUPE 411 – Election Update

Thanks to all the members that were able to give up some time on their Saturday morning to attend today’s A.G.M. where we held Elections for those positions whose terms had expired.  We want to congratulate the following members who secured another term of office or who are taking on a new position.

Table Officers:

  • 1st Vice President (2yr) – Dale Obirek
  • 2nd Vice President (1yr) – Matt Kohanik
  • Treasurer (1yr) – Debbie Street
  • Secretary (1yr) – April Mancinelli
  • Chief Shop Steward (1yr) – Kari Miller

Shop Stewards:

  • Assistants (2yr) – Lorie McLaren
  • Clerical (2yr) – Tammy Lambert
  • Custodial (2yr) – Jeff Kasper
  • Maintenance (1yr) – Cody Beyer

Other Elected Positions:

  • Trustee (3yr) – Ruth Neufeldt
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Sharon Engstrom

Vacant Positions:

  • Assistants Shop Steward (1yr)
  • Transportation Shop Steward (1yr)

Elections for these two vacancies will take place at the September 2023 membership meeting; date/time TBA.

We want to extend a huge “Thank you” to those elected officials who did not run again, we very much appreciate all the time and energy you have put in to our Local and wish you every success in your future endeavours.

In Solidarity


We encourage all members to come out and take part in CUPE 411’s 2023 Annual General Meeting.  Effective leadership happens when members exercise their right to vote for those nominees who possess both the passion and the skill set to represent members as well as perform the work that is required behind the scenes that helps make our Local strong.

If you want to know what you can expect in terms of the Election Process please take a moment to view the following:

CUPE 411 – AGM Election Process

In Solidarity


CUPE 411 – Professional Development Day

On Friday, April 28th the Union and our Employer have teamed up to offer a series of Pro-D Sessions that are tailored specifically for our K-12 Support Staff.

This Pro-D is open to ALL CUPE members regardless of your Division and we encourage any interested members to sign-up for a session or two and join us for an engaging day of in class learning, or an active and engaging outdoor excursion.

Growing Together April 28th CUPE Pro-D

Program Registration closes at noon on April 24th so please don’t delay and sign-up today…..


Casual members are welcome to register for session and may be eligible to be compensated for the day by way of the CUPE Skills, Training and Enhancement Fund.

We also want to hear your feedback on this years sessions and would welcome suggestions for next year, please email your ideas to


International Women’s Day – March 8th

While our Union seeks to honour all its workers it is important to recognize that the majority of the K-12 Support Staff is comprised of female members and of those members a significant number of them would be considered precarious workers.  With less than full-time hours and taking on some of the most hazardous work in the sector, its clearly their love for supporting students that keeps them coming back day in and day out.

The Union remains committed to fighting for whole jobs with protections in place from the violence that our women are being subjected to on a daily basis!

In Solidarity

ARTICLE 17.8 – Immunization/Communicable Diseases

The above noted article reads as follows:

Where an employee has classroom contacts with persons who are known to have persistent hepatitis B antigenemia and who show aggressive behaviour and where the employee shows negative to surface antigen tests, the Employer will cover the costs of hepatitis B virus vaccination.

The Employer will also provide or fund an annual flu vaccination program subject to availability from Public Health.

As such the Employer has made arrangements at the Fraser Valley Travel Clinic for members who meet the above criteria to have access to the Hepatitis B vaccination.  Details have been shared out on CONNECT 33 and the registration form can be accessed below:

Hepatitis B Registration Notice v2

The completed forms must be returned to the clinic Doctor in order to register for the vaccination schedule.

Members who are unsure if they meet the language requirements are welcome to inquire with the Union via email at or can reach out directly to an Elected Representative.