Local Bargaining Update….

After four months, and eleven bargaining sessions later, we regret to inform the membership that we have reached impasse at the local negotiating table.  Therefore, both parties will be seeking the assistance of a mediator to aid in finding a satisfactory resolution to the outstanding issues.  As per the Protocol Agreement established between both parties at the onset of bargaining, we are not able to discuss the specific details thus far but will continue to provide updates as to where we are in the process.

Please know that your Bargaining representatives at the table are committed to getting the best deal for all members and we appreciate your continued support!

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Bargaining Team

A Message to our Members…..

Your Union Executive wanted to wish each and every member a very heartfelt “Happy New Year’s” with wishes of a joyful and prosperous 2023!

CUPE Quarterly – December 2022

The District Skate Party that was scheduled for December 23rd but had to be cancelled due to weather conditions will be rescheduled sometime early in the new year, once the new date/time has been confirmed we will be sure to share this out.  This event is a joint venture between the CTA, CUPE 411 and SD33 and is a great way for co-workers and their families to connect and have some fun.

The Union and the Employer are still actively engaged in local bargaining; we currently have three dates scheduled for next week and we will continue to communicate where we are at in this process with the membership via our website, Facebook, and emails; so, we encourage you to check these on a regular basis.

The next General Membership meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 21st for 9:30am at the Union office building; the Agenda will be emailed out prior the meeting date.

Jodie Adam is the Union’s Chief Shop Steward and along with her amazing team of stewards has been doing a fabulous job in supporting members with questions or concerns on a variety of matters.  Her extensive experience with intensive behaviour students makes her our go to when it comes to Health & Safety issues surrounding violent incidents and we encourage members to contact her directly if issues at your site are not being addressed.

Wendi Omeasoo is the Treasurer for the Union and her strong skill set along with her attention to detail has proven invaluable when it comes to managing the local’s finances.  While our Recording Secretary, April Mancinelli does an outstanding job for the Local when it comes to minutes, managing files, and correspondence, the volume of work is such that Wendi has taken over tracking member information therefore should anything change (i.e., personal contact information, address, etc..) we would ask that you please email (treasurer@cupe411.ca) her directly so she can ensure all our records are as up-to-date as possible and you don’t miss out receiving valuable information.

Site Liaisons can expect a visit from our 2nd Vice President, Matt Kohanik, in the new year as he will be coming around to say “Hello” and provide updated literature for your CUPE Bulletin Boards.  Matt continues to represent the Local at the weekly “New Employee Welcome” sessions and can also be contacted (2ndvicepresident@cupe411.ca) regarding Union Education to include Pension seminars.

Tracey O’Hara (President) and Dale Obirek (Vice President) are wanting to get back to some face-to-face member engagement by way of site visits, for 2-years they were able to do this pre-Covid and it was very well received so if there are sites out there that would welcome a visit right away, please email unionoffice@cupe411.ca, as we are looking at developing a calendar in February to accommodate a district tour.

We hope you have all had time this holiday season to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends……

In Solidarity

BC Federation of Labour Convention – Update

The BC Federation of Labour had their 60th Convention from November 21 to 25, 2022.

Our Local was able to send three delegates, Matt Kohanik, Kari Miller and Cody Beyer, from the Executive and all came back feeling the experience was engaging, eye-opening, and filled them with a renewed sense of purpose for the labour movement.

This opportunity also allowed our delegates to engage other Union activists from various sectors here in BC as making connections across industry to find common goals is so very important when advocating for change or best practice.

Our delegates provided detailed reports on their convention experience and also had resource materials to share with anyone interested:

Workers Front and Centre

In Solidarity

Mentor/Mentee Opportunity….

The EA Hours committee, that supports EA’s for both Special Needs and Alternate Education, identified another initiative, in the form of mentorship that we felt may be of value to some of our members and as such we are looking to launch a trial mentor/mentee program from January to June of 2023.

In our discussion we discovered that Student Services was also interested in assisting in this project for their Child & Youth Care Workers and the Indigenous Education Department would also like to support their Ab.Ed.- EA’s by way of mentorship opportunities.

We didn’t want to leave out our Clerical members from this so the Clerical Hours Committee will also be looking for interested members to take part in providing guidance and leadership to our new office staff.

We have created application forms:

Completed applications must be emailed to mentorship-supportstaff@sd33.bc.ca no later than (date extended to November 30, 2022), in order to be considered for this program and participants will be compensated for any pre-scheduled training and pre-planned meeting times.

If you feel you would be a good fit for either role, we would love to offer you this opportunity to share your knowledge and skills or learn from our seasoned veterans.

Lest We Forget…..

November 11th marks a day of collective remembrance for those who have fallen in the line of duty and service to their country. Therefore, we ask that no matter where you are on the 11th hour of this 11th day in the 11th month you allow yourself two minutes of silence to honour the bravery and sacrifices given by so many in hopes of securing a future of freedom for generations to come.

To our wreath bearers today, Matt Kohanik (2nd V.P.) and D’Laine Gallagher (Trustee) we “Thank you” for representing CUPE 411 at our two local cenotaphs in commemoration and gratitude for the heroism of those warriors that put service before self.  We hope that other members and their families are able to join and bear witness in these ceremonies that allow us to recall the past in hopes of creating a better future……

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste death but once.” William Shakespeare

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive


Union Update….

On November 3rd our Union received an update from the K-12 President’s Council with a, Message of Solidarity to Ontario Education Workers.

Today an update came by way of CUPE National’s website informing us that Premier Ford has committed to repealing Bill 28 and head back to the bargaining table.

While today’s decision may be seen as a victory by some, the road ahead is still long but one thing is for certain anytime a government, or their agent, attempts to take away or limit our rights and/or freedoms so as to impose their will on us, standing up and speaking out must be our initial reaction and response!

Union Solidarity can be an amazing thing; when we stand united on the issues that matter the most, we are certain to have successes…..

A Message to Our Members….


The air quality in the Chilliwack area for the past two days has been in the Very High-Risk category as per the BC Government’s Air Quality Health Index.

The advice based on this rating for the Eastern Fraser Valley was follows:

Observed AQHI – 10+ Very High Risk

If you are in an “At risk population” then you should not have been participating in any strenuous outdoor activities yesterday or today. If you were directed to do so and have now suffered negative repercussions to your health then you should contact a shop steward for advice on next steps.

Depending on the forecast moving forward we would advise members to continue to monitor the government websites and should you find yourself being directed to participate in strenuous outdoor activities then we would ask you to please reach out to a Shop Steward for assistance on how to deal with that direction.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive

A Very Special “Thank You” to our Members….

In light of yesterday’s ribbon cutting ceremony at Chilliwack’s newest K-8 Elementary/Middle school, Stito:s La:lem Toti:lt, the Union wanted to make sure that our K-12 support staff were acknowledged for their efforts to ensure that the site would be ready for the start of a new school year on September 6, 2022.

Our Transportation Department members had a daunting task ahead of them to not only incorporate new runs and modify existing ones into already busy AM and PM routes but then to had to schedule all the new bussing students for this site.

Our Clerical members know all too well what a regular school start up can look like, but that workload increases two-fold when it comes to preparing for a new start in a new school and most likely won’t slow down for some time; if at all?

Members from the Maintenance Department, Grounds Crew and Tradespeople as well as our IT Professionals have been an integral part in ensuring the classrooms and surrounding spaces would be ready for staff and students.

A wide range of members from our Assistants Division competed for positions at the school, all excited to work in this unique and one-of-a-kind learning environment here in Chilliwack.

And last but not least, the members from our Custodial Division put in long hours on their long weekend to make sure all the spaces would be clean and ready to welcome staff, students and guests that first day.

Yes, it takes a village, and we are so very proud of our K-12 Support Staff family for their hard work and commitment to their professions that we would be remised to not give them a very heartfelt “Thank You” in this latest SD33 endeavour.

Sincerely and In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive


2022 General Local Elections – October 15, 2022

This will be the final opportunity for residents to cast their votes for local governments across this province.  For Chilliwack and the surrounding areas, the following residents may find themselves voting to elect some of the following:

  • Mayor and Council
  • Electoral Area Directors
  • Parks Board Commissioners
  • School Board Trustees

The latter, School Board Trustees, being of significant importance to all members of the K-12 Support Staff here in School District No.33 (Chilliwack).  Our Local does not provide direction or influence on who members should vote for.  However, we encourage all members to get-out and vote as is your democratic right to do so and we also believe members should be making informed decisions when they exercise their voting rights.  The Union reached out to each candidate and asked them to provide a one-page bio on who they are and what they stand for.  Below you will find the list of candidates (in alpha order by last name), if they have provided the Union with information you can click on their name, and you will be redirected to their submission.

There were two Debates held with the candidates and if you did not get an opportunity to be present for these events, please feel free to use the links below to access the live recordings:

For those of you who may not be aware of the voting dates/times/locations please see details below:

Advanced Voting: Chilliwack Landing Sports Centre Oct. 5 & 12 8am-8pm
Election Day: Greendale Elementary School Oct. 15 8am-8pm
Landing Sports Centre
Promontory Heights School
Rosedale Traditional School
Sardis Secondary School
Yarrow Community School

In Solidarity,

CUPE 411 Executive