E.A. Hours Fund

This fund has been established to ensure Education Assistants – Special Needs have opportunities over and above what their regular schedule allows for to attend various meetings and workshops and be compensated accordingly.

There are also other areas in which the Union and the Employer are attempting to make improvements for these members.

The committee has worked hard on establishing the Terms of Reference as well as out lining options for the usage of its funds.  A more detailed document will be forthcoming for members to reference.

The one important thing to keep in mind, is that the use of the hours must be part of a discussion with your sites supervisor as members cannot be directed on how to use the hours allotted to them for meetings or what type of training/workshops they should be attending.

The Union also acknowledges that access these hours may not work for members due to their commitments outside of the regular workday and as such members cannot be directed to attend meetings or other functions over and above their assignment, nor can the time allotted to those permanent members be reassigned.

CUPE 411 – EA Hours Fund 2022-2023 – Member Handout

CUPE 411 – EA Hours Fund 2022-2023 – Additional Hours – Member Handout