Campaign Guidelines, CUPE 411

In order to provide all candidates with fair access to CUPE 411 members, CUPE 411 will distribute for each candidate, once only and at the same time, a one page poster to all members by:

  • personal email
  • CUPE 411 website
  • CUPE 411 Facebook page

All campaign flyers must be submitted to the CUPE 411 office by the deadline issued in the notice of election.

Campaign flyers may not include the CUPE 411 logo as the local does not endorse any particular candidate.

Candidates, including incumbents, may not use CUPE 411 membership resources (ie: mailing or phone lists) or school district email/inter-school mail to campaign on their own behalf.

Candidates are free to campaign through their own personal social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Webpage), provided members are affiliated with the candidate’s social media accounts of their own accord.