Being a Recording/Correspondence Secretary, CUPE 411

Are you interested in serving as Recording/Correspondence Secretary?

The CUPE 411 Recording/Corresponding Secretary records all minutes of union meetings and logs all incoming and outgoing union correspondence.  The CUPE 411 Recording/Correspondence Secretary also issues Meeting Notices to Executive and General Members.  The CUPE 411 Recording/Correspondence Secretary is a CUPE 411 Table Officer.

The CUPE 411 Recording/Correspondence Secretary attends all meetings as requested, take notes, and advances the needs of the membership.

Due to the confidential nature of some aspects of the position, the Recording/Correspondence Secretary is required sign an Acceptable Use & Confidentiality Agreement.

The Recording/Correspondence Secretary must be a CUPE 411 Member in Good Standing and must take and uphold an Oath of Office.

The Recording/Correspondence Secretary will work closely with the President, Treasurer, 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents and the Chief Shop Steward. The Recording/Correspondence Secretary reports directly to the President & 1st Vice President.

Expectations of a Recording/Correspondence Secretary.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

  • Regularly attend all meetings of the Executive, Table Officers and General Membership and all other union meetings as requested.
  • Keep full, accurate, and impartial account of the proceedings of all Regular or Special Membership, Table Officers, and Executive Board meetings. These records must also include a copy of the full financial report (Executive Board meetings) and the written financial report (membership meetings) presented by the Treasurer and the written reports of stewards and committee representatives. The record will also include Trustees’ reports when available.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance and safe preservation of the Minutes
  • Attend to all union correspondence
  • File electronic copies of all correspondence on NAS and/or Labourware
  • Update the membership database as required
  • Assist the President in preparing order of business for all meetings
  • Maintain a spreadsheet of Motions
  • Make meeting notices and send to members.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the President and/or Table Officers.

How much time does being the Recording/Correspondence Secretary take?

The Recording/Correspondence Secretary is expected to attend bi-weekly Table Officers Meetings, monthly Executive Meetings, bi-monthly General Membership Meetings and Special Meetings as required.

Meetings with members or management are attended as requested. The Recording/Correspondence Secretary should check their union email daily and be available for communication from Table Officers both during and after regular working hours.

Will I be compensated for my time?

Currently, Executive Members including the Recording/Correspondence Secretary, receive a yearly stipend of $480.00, paid out in April of the term of office.

Executive Members including the Recording/Correspondence Secretary are eligible for a per kilometer mileage reimbursement and a percentage based cell-phone/internet reimbursement as well as reimbursement for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses upon submission of an expense claim and invoices/receipts.

The Recording/Correspondence Secretary is booked-off for union office work one (1) day per week.  Additional book-off may be required.

The  Recording/Correspondence Secretary will not suffer any loss of regular pay for union work.

Executive Members including the Recording/Correspondence Secretary can apply to the Treasurer and Table Officers for lieu-time book-off for union business done on personal time, excluding Executive and General Membership Meetings, upon submission of an Executive Log Form.

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