Presiding as President, CUPE 411

Are you interested in being elected President?

The President is the local’s leader. The president is responsible for identifying problems affecting the members and proposing strategies for dealing with these problems.

In order to help the membership solve workplace problems, the President works closely with the CUPE 411 Table Officers and Executive Board to develop and implement plans to build solidarity and strength.

The President is the official Spokesperson for the Local.

The President must ensure that the membership is informed about the activities of the local union and the programs and campaigns of CUPE 411 and our affiliates.

The President must know how the members feel about issues to properly represent them. He or she must work closely with the CUPE 411 Table Officers, Executive Board, National Servicing Representative, affiliates and the membership to develop, and present concrete ways of dealing with the problems experienced by the membership when facing the employer.

The President is responsible for all of the activities undertaken by the local. Effective Presidents encourage others to get involved, delegate tasks to those most likely to carry them out and see that each task is completed on time.

The President must motivate and mentor executive board and committee members, stewards and the membership.

Due to the confidential nature of some aspects of the position, the President is required sign an Acceptable Use & Confidentiality Agreement.

The President must be a CUPE 411 Member in Good Standing and must take and uphold an Oath of Office.

The President works closely with the CUPE 411 Table Officers, Executive Board, CUPE National Servicing Representative and with the employer as the union’s representative.

Expectations of the President…

The CUPE 411 President attends all General, Special, Executive and Table Officers Meetings. The President attends Fraser Valley District Council Meetings, Fraser Valley Coordinated Bargaining Meetings, Labour Management Meetings, CUPE Quad Meetings, CUPE/CTA Meetings, School Board of Trustee Meetings, meetings with members and any other meeting as required.

It is the duty of the President to:

  • Preside at all meetings
  • Sit on the Negotiating Committee
  • Sit on the Grievance Committee
  • Attend HR and Labour Management Meetings
  • Attend and present at New Employee Orientations
  • Preserve order and enforce the CUPE Constitution and By-Laws
  • See that all officers perform their respective duties
  • Fill vacancies on committees where elections are not provided for and to decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal by a member of the Local (but shall not vote on such appeal)
  • Announce the results of all votes
  • Enforce all fines and penalties
  • Have the power to call special meetings when requested in writing by the Executive Board
  • Have a vote on all matters, and in the case of a tie vote he or she also has the right to cast the deciding ballot
  • Sign all orders on the Treasury for such money as shall, by the Constitution and By-Laws, or by vote of the Local, be ordered paid
  • Sign all cheques and drafts on bank or credit union
  • Perform such other duties as the Constitution and By-Laws of the Local may require.

The President shall have first preference as a delegate to the CUPE National Convention, CUPE B.C. Convention, and B.C. Federation of Labour Convention.

How much time does being the President take?

The President is expected to attend all meetings as listed above. These meetings generally take place outside of regular working hours.  Additional meetings with members or management are attended as requested.

The President should check their union email daily and be available for communication from the Executive, members and CUPE National Servicing Representative both during and after regular working hours.

The duties of the President may require several hours of service outside of regular working hours each month.

Will I be compensated for my time?

Executive Members including the President are eligible for a per kilometer mileage reimbursement as well as reimbursement for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses upon submission of an expense claim and invoices/receipts.

The President is booked-off for union office work five (5) days per week at their regular shift and regular SD #33 wages.  Additional time may be required.

The  President will not suffer any loss of regular pay for union work. Executive Members including the President can apply to the Treasurer and Table Officers for lieu-time book-off for union business done on personal time, excluding Executive and General Membership Meetings, upon submission of an Executive Log Form.

For more information about being President of CUPE Local 411 please email us at