Notice of Special Meeting – By-Election: Assistants Shop Steward


This term of this position is September 28th 2017 to May 12th, 2018

ASSISTANT SHOP STEWARDS – Roles & Responsibilities

An Assistant Shop Steward attends an approved Shop Steward Training Course and CUPE 411 NAS and Labourware training within three (3) months of their election into the position.

An Assistant Shop Steward represents all members of the Assistants division and adheres to the established policies of the Union and shall:

  • Regularly attend meetings of the Executive and General Membership.
  • Regularly consult with the Chief Shop Steward
  • Make a written report to each executive and regular membership meeting
  • Attend Divisional Negotiating Committee Election Meetings
  • Gather all pertinent information relative to a grievance and process the grievance through the initial stages of the procedure contained in the appropriate Collective Agreement. Upload all information to NAS and Labourware
  • Attend Shop Stewards Meetings as required
  • Take those measures necessary to ensure that the provisions and conditions of the Collective Agreement are upheld, and notify the Executive Board of any apparent violations.
  • Familiarize the members of their rights, privileges and obligations, as such matters relate both to the Constitution and these By-Laws and the Collective Agreement.
  • Know thoroughly, the Collective Agreement, the Constitution, the By-Laws, Rules of Order and work for their enforcement both on the job and at meetings of the Union.
  • Whenever possible meet with all new members in their department or section and keep all members advised of the time, date and place of all Union meetings.
  • Actively encourage all members to attend meetings of the Union.

If you are interested in running for Assistants Shop Steward, you may declare your intent to run via email (submit the form below) and be sure to have a nominator at the meeting. Nominations will also be accepted off the floor.

Campaign Guidelines

For members who have declared their intent to run via email, CUPE 411 will distribute for each candidate, once only and at the same time, a one page campaign poster to all members on or before September 28th by:
  • personal email
  • interschool mail (1 flyer per candidate per site – to be posted on the CUPE 411 bulletin board)
  • CUPE 411 website
  • CUPE 411 Facebook page

All campaign flyers must be submitted to the CUPE 411 office by September 21st.  Campaign flyers may not include the CUPE 411 logo, or CUPE 411 contact information, as the local does not endorse any particular candidate.

Candidates, including incumbents, may not use CUPE 411 membership resources (ie: mailing or phone lists) to campaign on their own behalf.

Candidates are free to campaign through their own personal social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Webpage), provided members have subscribed to the candidate’s social media accounts of their own accord.

Submit your Intent to Run here: