What is the JE/JD Committee?

The Job Evaluation/Job Description Committee (JE/JD) meets for four (4) hours each month to review and reclassify CUPE 411 Job Descriptions to ensure they match the duties actually being performed on the job and to evaluate the wage band associated with each job description.

There are two ways in which the JE/JD Committee chooses when to review a CUPE 411 job description.

  1. As a result of a Re-class Application
  2. As part of the General Maintenance portion of the JE/JD plan

Who is the JE/JD Committee?

Your rep on the joint SD #33/CUPE 411 JE/JD committee is Shana Kirkland, Administrative Assistant A at AD Rundle Middle School. Shana is also your CUPE 411 1st Vice-President.

What is a Re-classification Application & how do I get one?

CUPE 411 members who believe their job duties differ significantly from their job description can apply to the JE/JD Committee for a review and reclassification of their job description.  Any changes to a job description and wage band are based on the type of knowledge and skills required to do the job as well as the actual job duties performed. Changes made to a CUPE 411 job description encompass all members throughout the district working under that job description and any future member who may be hired into that position.

Re-classification Applications are accepted only during a 2 week window each January. Watch your email and Connect 33 each December for information on how and when to apply. Applications are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

General Maintenance… What does it mean?

During the General Maintenance part of the JE/JD plan, the JE/JD Committee reviews 20% of all job descriptions in a year.  The plan is to begin with the job descriptions that have gone the longest without a review and work forward. After 5 years, all CUPE 411 job descriptions will have undergone a review and the process will begin again.

Once the JE/JD Committee selects a job description to review, a random selection of a minimum of 10% of members currently working in that position and their supervisors will be interviewed to determine how the job description differs from the actual duties being performed. If the duties differ significantly from the job description, the job description will be updated and will apply to all members working under that job description.

Will I get a raise?

If the duties of a job differ significantly from the job description, the job description will be updated and the wage band may be affected.

If the wage band increases, all members working within that job description will receive a wage increase accordingly.

If a wage band decreases as a result of a review, all members currently working under that job description will be “red circled”. This means that their wage will remain the same until they vacate that position. Members new to the job description after the review will receive the lower wage.

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