Clerical Hours Fund

We are now entering the third year of the “Clerical Hours Fund” and feel as though it has been well received by the members within this division.  The committee identified the areas of need and created three options where these funds are targeted during the months of September and June.

  • Option No.1
    Single school clerical under seven (7) hours can top up to seven (7) hours.
  • Option No.2
    Single school clerical already at seven (7) hours. The following sites were given an extra seven (7) hours of casual clerical support one day per week.
  • Option No.3
    Multiple clerical schools with a part time clerical under seven (7) hours. The p/t person could use up to forty-five (45) hours.

If members have questions or concerns about how the committee is allocating these funds we would welcome your feedback;