2nd Vice President

Duties of the 2nd Vice-President

  • Regularly attend meetings of the Executive, Table Officers and Special & Regular General Membership Meetings.
  • Perform the duties of the 1st Vice President in the absence of that officer
  • In the case of the resignation, termination or death of the 1st Vice President, perform the duties of the President until such position is filled at the next Annual Election.
  • Act as Chair of the Education Committee
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of hosting In-House union education
  • Inform the Executive of all union education opportunities
  • Register members for union education
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to make travel, accommodation, expense and perdiem arrangements for members attending union education
  • Act as Chair of the Community Events/Social Committee
  • Act as Privacy Officer
  • Assist the 1st Vice President in maintaining and updating the membership list
  • Maintain a running list of all members who have attended union education
  • Maintain a running list of all members who have attended conventions and conferences. Prepare a list of members eligible for delegate seats and present to the executive at least two months prior to the convention deadline for submitting delegate information
  • Make a written report to each executive and regular membership meeting
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the President and/or Executive Board.

The 2nd Vice President works closely with the President, 1st Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Chief Shop Steward.  The 1st Vice President is a CUPE 411 Table Officer.

How to Run for 2nd Vice President

Campaign Guidelines

Nominations for 1st Vice President shall be declared vial email (see link below) and at the General or Special Membership meeting at which the election takes place.

In order to provide all candidates with fair access to all CUPE 411 members, CUPE 411 will distribute for each candidate, once only and at the same time, a one page poster to all members by:

  • personal email
  • interschool mail (1 flyer per candidate per site – to be posted on the CUPE 411 bulletin board)
  • CUPE 411 website
  • CUPE 411 Facebook page

All campaign flyers must be submitted to the CUPE 411 office 10 business days prior to the election. Campaign flyers may not include the CUPE 411 logo as we do not endorse any particular candidate. Candidates, including incumbents, may not use CUPE 411 membership resources (ie: mailing or phone lists) or school district email to campaign on their own behalf.

Candidates are free to campaign through their own personal social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Webpage), provided members have subscribed to the candidate’s social media accounts of their own accord.

Declare your intent to run for 1st Vice President HERE!